Report Card: Romero Club helps community, Game Club scores high, Spanish Club spices up JC


Romero Club helps community

Patriots do, and so does the Romero Club.

Between leading the canned food drive, visiting Anna’s house, the other service projects they work on throughout the year, the Romero Club is one of the best clubs. Not only do they serve the community with the 30 members that work with the club directly, but they also work with the entire school, getting outside students involved.

Whether you are an active member or just brought in a few cans for the food drive, this club is the light of JC.

Game Club scores high

There is nothing like role-playing with your chemistry teacher to end the week.

Game Club, which meets after school most Fridays, is a club that students need to hear more about. It is an exciting club for gamers that like to play video games, board games, and card games. To top it all off, club moderator and science teacher Shane Lawler has invented a role playing game of his own that is still in its beta phase.

How could you not have fun at a club entirely dedicated to games?

Spanish Club spices up JC

Hola, amigos! Spanish Club, one of the most welcoming clubs at JC, is quickly expanding with Spanish teachers and club moderators Susan Garcia and Meghan McConville encouraging students to join.

The lively, upbeat fiesta that kicked off the year may only be topped by the club’s plans to take a trip to learn the flamenco at the end of the year.

As for all of the other language clubs, take a page out of Spanish Club’s book and get planning.

Hope Kelly is the Editor in Chief for The Patriot and