I accuse


It is against my principles to sit idly by while the black cloud of tyranny descends over this nation. I can no longer mask my feelings, and I will endeavor to bring my accusations against all parties who deserve it. I do, however, beg the reader’s pardon when I indubitably miss some accusations. I have created the following list to stimulate the readers’ minds and get them to question the norms they experience.

I am inspired by Emile Zola’s famous open letter “J’accuse” or I accuse. Zola famously accused the French government of their corruption over the infamous Dreyfus Affair. The Dreyfus Affair occurred when Alfred Dreyfus was unjustly arrested and charged with treason. He pointed out individual officials and groups who had been corrupt or tyrannical.

In the coming weeks I will be making my accusations. No one that has abused their office is immune to my accusations. I hold no prejudices of race, gender, or party. I will endeavor to bring to light the evil actions of those who are in power which are done in the dark.

I encourage JC students to look at these accusations and take action. Look at everyone in power with speculation. I also encourage recommendations if my accusations have excluded a guilty party.

 Justin Hawkins is an Opinion Editor for The Patriot and jcpatriot.com.