Report Card: Juniors float away with compliments, IAAM doubles opportunities for female athletes, Trying new things adds flavor to events


Juniors float away with compliments

Ring Week is an exciting and special time that is unique to JC. This year, the junior class, led by class officers Sam Wieczynski and Amanda Brannan, had an opportunity to receive compliments after the Ring Dance. Each compliment could be bought for 50 cents by any student and were put in lanterns used to decorate for the dance.

This fundraiser was an awesome idea that helped fund the dance. This idea builds on the positivity spreading around JC after the second quarter awards ceremony and the creation of the JC Compliments twitter.

If this became a part of the Ring Week tradition, it would help to spread kindness and strengthen school spirit. I mean, really, who doesn’t want to be complimented? These anonymous compliments boost self-esteem and friendships.

Kudos to the junior class for working towards a more positive school environment.

Madison Meyer is an In-Depth Editor for The Patriot and

IAAM doubles opportunities for female athletes

Although females were given equal rights over 40 years ago, female athletes will finally be considered to play two sports during the same season in the MIAA conference, just like male athletes.

Although the decision is not finalized, the re-consideration of the regulation reflects the willingness of the IAAM conference to adapt. 10 years ago, representatives from the IAAM conference believed that women could not manage playing two different sports in the same season for the simple reason that they are girls, according to Athletic Director Larry Dukes.

With Dukes being the champion of their cause, female athletes have proven their athletic ability. Now high school girls may be given the same opportunities as boys in the area of sports.

Thanks to Dukes, the IAAM has reconsidered their policy. Without Dukes and his efforts, female athletes would continually be unjustly discriminated against because of their gender.

Sydney Setree is the Print Chief for The Patriot and

Trying new things adds flavor to events

As JC has discovered, trying new things isn’t always bad. In fact, all the new things the school has been trying have been a refreshing twist.

By moving the Winter Sports Banquet off campus to the Richlin Ballroom, attendance went way up from the last banquet.

Additionally, while seniors did not get to experience the previous Senior Retreat location of Willow Valley, they certainly were not complaining about the beautiful view and nice facilities at The Chesapeake Lodge at Sandy Cove.

Finally, to top it all off, have you heard that for Senior Prom, students will be cruising around the Baltimore Inner Harbor in the Spirit of Baltimore cruise ship? Awesome.

All I have to say is keep it up JC. Out with the old and in with the new.

Hope Kelly is the Editor in Chief for The Patriot and