Letter to the Editor: A Concerned JC Patriot


Dear Patriot Staff,

Throughout this school year, the year before, the next year, and the year before that (I am a Senior), I have kept up and always read the JC Patriot. I first of all would like to congratulate you on your recent Journalism awards, but my main point is something more serious.

Throughout my years at JC, I am disappointed to have seen, throughout the majority of articles, a major liberal news bias. The Most recent issue of the JC Patriot in April talked about Feminism, LGBT rights, political correctness, and racial equality. These concepts, especially gender and race equality, are noble causes.

HOWEVER, the extremely clear left-wing bias throughout the newspaper appalled me. The clear opinion of LGBT Laws, the so-called “rape culture,” and the “Racial Injustices” at John Carroll, deeply concern me.

I understand that there is a majority Liberal media bias in today’s society, but I ask you to set an example for the rest of the world by being an impartial news source.

Rape is a serious crime that should be stopped, but the idea of a “rape culture” is completely preposterous. The percent crime rate of rape has gone , according to the National Bureau of Justice Statistics, has gone down by 2.5 people/1000 in 1973, to .5 people/1000 in 2003. The idea that a rape culture has only recently developed in completely absurd, as data shows.

Then, Racial injustice: A serious threat to the well-being of minority individuals. However, to say that the John-Carroll School has major injustice is just plain false. If you want injustice, go to the Middle East, or better yet, go to the American South. Even if you feel that there is someone who is unjust at our school, simply go somewhere else. I’m sure you would be more welcome, historically, the farther south you go (Or North Harford).

Finally, LGBT Rights. This article was not as bad, simply because there were interviews of members of the JC community and elsewhere, which is subjective and fair. HOWEVER, painting the Laws of the South as negative from the use of quotations, such as in “Protecting Religious Liberty” can be taken multiple ways.

To conclude, I will say this: Please, please, please…, cease your liberal bias once and for all. Choosing topics which the liberal culture supports and makes a very large deal about is upsetting. I, and many others, would prefer if you covered more impartial, relevant, and downright positive topics instead of these so-called “troubling trends.” Influencing the students in this manner without them allowing themselves to make a decision is not a good thing. Plus, have a little fun now and then. The past what, four issues of the paper have covered depressing topics. Please, for the love of our God, our Country, and our School, don’t be like the rest of these corrupt liberal media stations; make a difference, be impartial. With your help, we all can make the JC Patriot great again!

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to seeing more positive portions of the JC Patriot. God Bless you all, I know you are trying.


-A Concerned JC Patriot, 4/28/2016