Letter to the Editor: Brian Powell speaks up about LobbyGuard


Dear Patriot Editors,

I was actually quite pleased to see the grade of a C for LobbyGuard. I was fully anticipating an F. The first two days were rough, but we made it through. I know the lines are long but the two kiosks processed 68 students by 8:13am this morning and we have not even started using the main office kiosk. The lines will be as long as they need to be to process all tardy students. That is not actually a flaw with the LobbyGuard system. The problem is with the large number of tardy students. LobbyGuard is forcing a change in some student’s behavior. I’ve never seen so many students sprinting down the hall to avoid needing a pass.

The school day starts at 8am (8:30am on D-Day). The school is located at 703 E. Churchville Road. The school has one entrance and one exit. None of that is going to change. Only student arrival habits will impact the length of the line. Punctuality is an import and valued character trait. It shows a level of respect, commitment and diligence. It’s a small way to say that you are “all in.”

To those who arrive on time, the long lines, possible computer crashes and jammed printers won’t bother you at all. To those who are late, LobbyGuard will be waiting for you.

“Don’t like standing in line, be on time.”

Mr. Powell