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Letter to the Editor: Student voices opinion on recent staff editorial

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Letter to the Editor: Student voices opinion on recent staff editorial

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As one semester comes to a close, another one begins. A semester full of fun social events the stimulate school spirit and bring the school community together. The school paper loves to cover all of these things and even put their own opinion into the story. The most recent story that was published was about how students are “misusing” the student section. this caused quite the reaction by most of the student body, myself included. This newspaper and the people who run it push unity and want the John Carroll community to all be one big “family”. The school community is the most united at an athletic event, its where everyone focuses on being part of one big team, the John Carroll Patriots. No matter how many diversity and equality assemblies filled with leftist propaganda the administration forces on us.. it will never unite us like getting behind our home team. Even with all of the community finally coming together again after the dismissal of one of our JC brothers… The staff of this paper still criticizes us. The John Carroll student section has been proclaimed to be the greatest in high school sports, mostly for our fiery passion and of course our clever and witty chants. In the article put out by “the Patriot”, they knocked us for our “innapropriate” and “rude” chants such as sausage fest and other mature chants. In my opinion, that is outrages. we are 16,17,18, sometimes even 19 years old and if you cannot handle a sausage fest chant then you probably shouldn’t go out in public to often. High school sports are about having a blast and supporting the home team, we’re supposed to enjoy these years and live them to our fullest. This news organization claimed that the student section “singles students out” and how that is basically a mortal sin. Ironically enough, not even a week ago they ran a story about how my opinion was “hateful” and “sad”. they singled me out and tried to humiliate me. Thats why i believe this Newspaper has lost all credibility and has become borderline laughable. I hope the staff understands that they have done nothing besides poke a sleeping bear. The student section will be larger, louder, and way way way more rowdy after this article. Mess with the bull, Get the horns.

Ryan Muhlenfeld

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2 Responses to “Letter to the Editor: Student voices opinion on recent staff editorial”

  1. Lauren Glase on January 24th, 2017 1:59 pm

    Your letter, though riddled with grammatical errors, intrigued me. While there is much here that I would love to debate with you about the intentions of The Patriot, the importance and role of journalism in society, and the distinction between a news and an opinion piece, I would like to speak to just one of your points.

    You argue that having “sausage fest” chants at a basketball game is appropriate because of the ages of those chanting. While the appropriateness of this and the reflection that it has on JC overall could be debated, I would like to bring to your attention that basketball games are not just for the student body, but rather for the greater community. There are families that attend these events — parents, grandparents, siblings. It is important to remember that while those in the student section are old enough to handle the “mature chants” that you reference, there are younger children in attendance at these games too. I think you would find it difficult to argue that your “sausage party” chants are appropriate for a group of young children.

    Thank you,
    Lauren Glase
    Class of 2015

    PS – You said that The Patriot singled you out and humiliated you. I just want to point out that they (very professionally) kept you completely anonymous in their article. You just outed yourself 🙂

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  2. Kathryn Deaver on January 24th, 2017 3:22 pm

    Dear Ryan,

    Your exaggeration and clear misunderstanding of previous Patriot articles has come through loud and clear in this letter, although I appreciate the effort you put in to write it. I fail to see, however, where in the original article the chants are called mortal sins as you claim they were implied to be. Additionally, the article never condemns the student section. The fact that it is enthusiastic and passionate is wonderful. The idea that some of the chants are mean and inappropriate is not.

    Aside from the opinion article that you do not agree with and the news article where you somehow feel misrepresented (and I’ve heard that “if you cannot handle [your public tweet’s being covered] then you probably shouldn’t go out in public to [sic] often”), what other articles are you claiming as evidence that the newspaper is no longer credible?

    You have a right to your opinion, the same as everyone else, but in this case my opinion is that yours is ungrounded and foolish.

    Have a nice day.

    “Recent staff editorial” –
    Powwow news story –

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Letter to the Editor: Student voices opinion on recent staff editorial