Dress code violations need to continue to be addressed by teachers and administrators

Skirt length, undershirts, and sweatpants among uniform concerns for potential violations by students

Selena Baker, Contributing Writer

When it comes to rules at John Carroll, one of the ones that is broken the most is the one that impacts each student every day: the dress code.
Rumors have been floating all around school for the past month, suspecting that teachers and administrators are going to start taking the dress code more seriously this year, but is this true?
Cracking down on the dress code from the first day is a good decision because the students are more likely to take the dress code seriously that way.
Students would be more likely to follow the dress code if they saw that it was being enforced for other people.  That may motivate someone not to want to be one of those who is in violation.
I have seen more students be reprimanded for dress code violations during the first week of school than in the past year as a whole.
This year many girls have already been told that the length of their skirts is too short and violates dress code, and some cases have even been written up.
In fact, almost predicting that skirt length was going to be an issue, at the New Student Orientation, some administrators were already  hinting that they had a feeling that there was going to be problem with skirt lengths during this school year.
In addition to girls’ skirt lengths, another notorious uniform issue at John Carroll is the dress code violations dealing with undershirts.
In contrast to the skirt length issue, the undershirt violation applies to all students. According to the John Carroll handbook, “T-shirts/undergarments must be white, gray, or black and should not extend below the shirt bottom or sleeve.”
A large number of students wear undershirts under their school polo shirts, some of them colors other than white, gray, or black and at lengths that violate school rules.
Unlike past years, this year teachers have decided that they have had enough of this dress code violation and are beginning to crackdown.
Mr. Ireton met with each grade level during advisory to address dress code violation issues like these.
In addition to cracking down on dress code breakers during the school day, teachers are beginning to call out students outside of school hours during after school events.
At the Back to School dance, girls who were in violation of the dance dress code standards were given shirts to cover their low cut or too revealing costumes — something that was not done last year.
Teachers and administrators have been cracking down on dress code violations a lot lately, and they need to continue to do so.
It has been rumored that they are going to be watching closely for students wearing sweatpants during the school day this coming winter.
Nevertheless, if you are thinking of breaking the dress code, teachers and administrators are not going to hesitate in reprimanding you for it this school year.
It is the right thing for them to be doing.