John Carroll handles the COVID-19 crisis exceptionally well

Alex Hau, Media Chief

There is no doubt that the Coronavirus has thrown a pretty large wrench into the works of how things operate. Every student around the country has had their academic life affected, and many of them have been left in the dark (or were for a considerable amount of time). Luckily for JC students and family, communication from the administration came clear right out of the gate.

When the Coronavirus just started to be concerning, JC took action with emails. Practically every day, JC has sent updated information about possible cyber days and new health standards as well as other steps they were taking in preparation of a possible shutdown due to the virus.

After school was let out, JC kept up their frequent communication and started to act on morale upkeeping. They started something called “See The Good.” This is a fantastic way to keep spirits high while people are stuck in their houses.

Online classes at JC are also being handled with great care. Assignments are still being given that are challenging students’ minds, without being impossible outside of the classroom setting. JC has also had all teachers create a class on Microsoft Teams for a more uniform classroom experience, avoiding third party conference call applications. At first it was uncommon, but now teachers are hosting online classes with their students as a form of social interaction and communication, apart from posting assignments on Veracross.

Overall, John Carroll has really been on top of this entire crisis. From updating senior project to making accommodations for the seniors, to maintaining online learning, students at JC are experiencing the best they could during an unfortunate event like this.