Location is a big deciding factor in choosing a college

Belle Wilson, Managing Editor

Going to a college in a big city has always been a dream of mine, specifically in New York City. Living far away from my family never has raised any concerns for me.

However, since the global pandemic came to the United States, New York City was one of the most highly-infected cities. This could be because New York City is the most populous in the nation.

In a trying time like this, being with family is important to me. It makes quarantine life more enjoyable and relaxing to have a constant support system.

If an unexpected emergency came about, it worries me that there’s a chance I’d be separated from my family.

Also when going to a college in a city, one of the major pulling factors is being able to go out and enjoy all the city has to offer. If I’m unable to fully enjoy my college experience, then going to a college in the city isn’t as enticing.

Even if the places in the cities start opening up again, will the experience still be the same? That’s a question that is currently unknown, and there’s no way of determining that until the time comes.

Choosing a college is a huge decision, and the financial impact makes it a lifelong investment. Taking time to look at every aspect of each college is time-consuming and stressful.

Most students around this time of year are visiting colleges to get a better idea of what they want and need. Now that this is impossible to do and most colleges have already canceled summer camps, so it is even more difficult to determine if a particular college is going to be a good fit for a student.

Schools are offering virtual tours of their campuses, but it still will never be the same as it would be if you were there in person. The personal connection that you make with the people you meet on campus is what makes the experience memorable.

Living in a big city and going to college is still a dream of mine, but the Coronavirus has made me put a lot of things into perspective. I know now that looking into where I’m going to college and how far away from home I am is a bigger deal than it once was.

It’s also made me very grateful for the time I have left of high school and with my family because I know that college life will be very different.