Maryland enforces face mask law amid COVID-19 pandemic

Cameron Gibson, Staff Writer

This year, although we are only four months in, has been packed full of world news, crisis, and overall changes in lifestyle. With the Coronavirus pandemic still continuing to rise in Maryland, new rules and regulations have been coming seemingly all the time.

The first came when the virus was just beginning to spread. At first, large gatherings of people were to be forbidden. Next was social distancing where everyone in public was asked to be at least six feet apart. The latest regulation in Maryland’s campaign to “slow the spread” has been the face mask mandate where all Marylanders are required to wear face masks in stores and on transit.

With the shortage in medical grade masks, many people have resorted to making their own. Gov. Larry Hogan stated that homemade masks made up of things such as bandanas or cloth are acceptable. The CDC has a page on making a homemade mask, wearing them correctly, and washing them properly.

Hopefully, this will be the last major change in law that Maryland has to enact to slow the spread of the Coronavirus, but if regulations are not followed and cases continue to rise, that may not be the case. The only way to ensure that we get back to a normal life as soon as possible is to do your part and follow the rules to slow the spread. By choosing to not follow these new laws, you are not only putting others in danger, but you are slowing your own return to life as you remember it before the pandemic.