Sticking to classic Christmas movies is the best choice for selection compared to the Hallmark Channel

Tis the Season for Hallmark Channel Christmas Movies

Madison Elliott, News Editor

As Christmas Day quickly approaches, the Hallmark Channel began to play their chain of not-so-good Christmas movies just before Halloween.

The funny part about the Hallmark Channel is that they seem to play these movies all-year round. This channel even hosts a Christmas in July movie celebration where Christmas movies are played in the middle of summer.
To be honest, I had not known that series existed until this year. My grandmother was the one to tell me this as I saw her watching these movies over the summer.
I would say that mostly parents and grandparents watch this channel. It takes a specific viewer to sit through these clichéd movies every year.
The problem with The Hallmark Channel is that all the movies produced are very similar to one another. The usual plots of these movies are predictable: an “unexpected” love story, the Christmas season turning a grouch into a cheerful person, Christmas needing to be saved that year, somebody special coming home for Christmas, and big city people traveling to their small hometown for Christmas.
Some examples of these movies are The Christmas Cottage, My Christmas Inn, Rediscovering Christmas, and Christmas Makeover. These movies are so similar and very basic for viewers. These movies always end the way you would expect: with a happy ending which is annoying to constantly have and is not entertaining. There are never plot twists since everything is too predictable.
Sometimes when watching these, the movie it is so cringey; however, I cannot look away. These movies are fun to watch in the wrong ways as being more of a joke. That is the positive of these movies; it is funny to watch how bad they are.
What is interesting is that there are occasional high listed celebrities in these movies including Billy Ray Cyrus, Candace Cameron Bure, Vanessa Hudgens, and Lacey Chabert.
The nice thing about these movies is they are good for family movie nights. There is an unlimited amount to choose from, and they are almost all family friendly. Watching these movies with the right people can make these movies go from bad to a good time.
Personally, I would stick to the classic Christmas movies like The Polar Express or Elf than watching a movie from the Hallmark Channel.