Commentary: Is Spring Break stressful or stress-less?

Annabel Everett, Staff Writer

John Carroll’s spring break started on April 11 and lasted through April 18. School breaks are built into the school schedule with the intention of letting students destress and catch up on school work during busy months in the winter and spring.

However, student thoughts about spring break this year differed from the break decreasing stress to the time being a source of stress.
Junior Mandy Schall said, “For spring break, I went on a college trip in Florida. Spring break was relaxing because we went to the beach a few times.”
Alternatively, Junior Kenzie Currey said, “Although spring break can be relaxing and fun, it can also be stressful because students often have a lot of assigned work from teachers to catch up on.”
Students attest to spring break being a great way to get some extra sleep and do extra work, but depending on the course schedule and time, it can feel like the work during spring break is overbearing.
In my own experience, I go through the second semester coming off of winter break motivated and ready to get my school work done.
However, after the third quarter passes, my dedication and drive diminishes tremendously. I tend to experience the mindset that the school year is already over, and I start to push off long-term assignments until spring break.
For me, it almost feels like the imaginary deadline of spring break that I set for myself will never actually arrive. When it inevitably does come, the work I put off for so long is almost too much to handle for two weeks.
Kenzie confirmed this and said, “Quarter 3 is definitely the hardest for students, and the workload is to start large projects.”
With this, it is obvious that students should keep on pace during the school year even during parts of the year with heavy workloads and limited time. This way, spring break can be more beneficial for relaxation and de-stressing for students.