Commentary: Getting through the college application process as a senior

Annabel Everett, Features Editor

For the last few months, I have been dreading the college application process. I’ll open my Common App, only to close it two seconds later due to stress and anxiety.

Nevertheless, applying for colleges is inevitable no matter how long I procrastinate. There are so many things that have made the college application process easier for me, and I know I’ve made mistakes along the way as well.

Starting early is the best way to stay on top of things and eliminate stress in your future.

Senior Ava Freeland agreed with me and said, “Don’t procrastinate!”

Of course, for me and many other seniors, high school is flying by, and we have already found ourselves procrastinating on college applications.

However, to the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen reading this, you can start now.

I promise that every effort you make now will help for college, and I personally wish a senior had told me that earlier in life.

Other recommendations from seniors have to do with choosing a college.

Senior Zac Dickens said, “It is important to visit as many colleges as possible to find out which schools you like the most.”

Senior Angelina DiCocco also said, “Keep an open mind about where you’re applying because you never know what you might like.”

This was really helpful advice because I know there are so many people, like myself, who are very indecisive, especially with big decisions like college. Visiting colleges has definitely narrowed down my search and has helped me understand which qualities I like best in a college.

College Counselor Mrs. Kelly Smith provided her professional advice on applying to colleges. Mrs. Smith said her best advice is to “start early and meet with your college counselor as much as possible.”

Mrs. Smith also gave a word on anxiety throughout the application process. She affirmed that the process is stressful, but that it can be helpful to “have realistic expectations and try not to compare yourself to where your peers are applying.”

I don’t think I can truly accept that this will be my last year of high school. I had my last first day of school just a few short weeks ago, and my last spirit week is coming up. Soon enough, I’ll be having my last-day-ever in high school.

It is crazy to me that three years ago I was coming into high school as a nervous, introverted freshman and that one year from now, I will be in the same position in college.