Are you longing for a snowstorm?



Savannah Sieck, Staff Writer

This school year has been long and challenging, but it is especially difficult in these long winter months for many students to catch a break. We are missing snow days.

We have not had any snow days, and so much of winter has already gone by. Why do we want a snow day so much?

Snow days give students the relaxation and freedom to have a stress-free day without having to worry about school. Snow brings the ability to sleep in and have fun.

Going outside and experiencing the snow through activities like building snowmen, sledding, and having snowball fights contributes to the excitement that snow days bring to not only students, but also to the faculty and staff of schools that close.

After spending some time exposed to the cold, even if bundled up, it is comforting to be able to go inside and feel the warmth of one’s home. Watching movies and making hot chocolate are comforting ways to spend the rest of the day.

Snow days are anticipated by students and faculty all winter, but one has yet to come, and it is becoming worrisome. While watching the weather during this winter season, we have seen unseasonably high temperatures and rain instead of snow.

Will we have a snow day this year? It is mid-February, and time is running out.

Although it is Maryland and the weather is unpredictable, it is unlikely for snow to grace us far past March. That does not leave a big time slot for snow days at JC. Winter leaves some students sad and stressed; it feels like an excruciating blast of long school days and little down time. It is a busy time, but a snow day would provide many with time to rest and reset for school.

The hope of a snow day is high, but the likelihood is currently low.

However, if a snow day is what you are longing for, here are some snow day superstitions to try out: first, try flushing ice down the toilet, one for each inch of snow you want. Another common one is wearing pajamas inside out and even backwards if you see fit. Putting a spoon under your pillow and eating ice cream for dinner could never hurt, too.

If the whole John Carroll community works together and hopes and prays for a snow day, with the help of these superstitions, we are bound to get a snowflake or two.