Commentary: Should DoorDashing be allowed at JC?

Brooke Carroll, Staff Writer

Many apps, such as GrubHub, DoorDash, and Uber Eats, make ordering food and other items more convenient than going out to restaurants or stores themselves.

These popular apps track the exact location of users to easily access local restaurants or fast food places near a specific location. In addition, many apps help the public get food without the hassle of leaving their homes, work areas, or even schools.

There are many other uses for these apps, such as Pet Smart, Grocery Stores, and Packages.

These are very useful for the public who can’t drive or need to get something for a particular person. There are many reasons why these types of apps are beneficial for people.
However, while beneficial, it’s not beneficial to make use of these apps during school hours.

According to the deans, JC students are not allowed to DoorDash or use a similar app during the academic day.

This is a good policy.

Ordering food online during the day would be very disruptive to many students and teachers. Students already have the option to bring their lunches or to purchase food from the cafeteria.
Students do not need an option to have food delivered.

The school’s cafeteria offers a wide variety of items each day, so there’s no need to order anything else. In addition to the main option and sides, students can purchase hamburgers, cheeseburgers, fries, chicken fingers, pizza, salad, and soup. Breakfast items are available as well. Not being able to use apps like DoorDash is a good policy because students should not be waiting at the entrance of the school to get their food. In addition to not being allowed outside to wait, there is also the consideration of what would happen if the Dasher would be running late.

It’s nobody’s job to wait for your food if your lunch mod has ended. It’s nobody’s job to hold onto your food until you can retrieve it.

If you feel that you need to have Chick-fil-A or McDonald’s for lunch, buy it ahead of time and bring it to school yourself. You can heat it up in a microwave. If you want something fresher, buy your lunch from the cafeteria itself.