Report Cards: Decorating creates friendly competition, Locking academic wing is key issue, New sinks allow students to sanitize thoroughly


Grant Sharretts

Students put up decorations for the John Carroll holiday door decorating contest. This contest is a tradition that many students enjoy.

Decorating creates friendly competition

If you like Christmas, yule love the door decorating contest. Some “Stranger Things” have been happening in the JC hallways. Our spirited advisories have been putting up decorations, one of them featuring a “Hallmark” of the Netflix TV show “Stranger Things.” These festive decorations have helped students reduce their stress and have spread Christmas cheer throughout the school.

Locking academic wing is key issue

We tried to lock this out of our memory, but we can no longer ignore the issue. The doors to the academic wing are being closed and locked earlier and earlier. This new policy puts a barricade between us and our school books. Sometimes they’re open and sometimes they’re not. We appreciate the protection of our belongings, but soon we may have to penny the academic wing doors in order to get items we left in our lockers.

New sinks allow students to sanitize thoroughly

Let this sink in. The replacement of the sinks in the bathrooms has encouraged students to remain “squeaky clean.” The increased number of functioning sinks has drained the amount of time spent waiting to wash our hands. After years with only two or three working sinks per bathroom, a full set of new sinks give the bathroom a fresh look. The Facilities Department is definitely working to clean up the bathrooms’ issues.