Senior puts love for design & architecture into action


Senior Mackenzie Walton, for her Senior Project, will be designing the plans for her parents’ future home in Florida where they plan to move after Mackenzie’s youngest sister, a sophomore, is in college.

Mackenzie fell in love with design and architecture after a class she took sophomore year.

“I really like the design aspect of this project because it is like a puzzle, and I need to figure out how all the pieces work together,” Mackenzie said. “I also enjoy the modeling of it because I like coming up with an idea, building up the plans and turning them into real things.”

“The first step in my project is to sit down with my parents and treat them as if they were clients,” Mackenzie said. “I will have to ask them questions about the floor plan, what type of house they want and the area they want to live in Florida.”

However, building and designing a house isn’t as simple as drawing up some plans.

“I will need to research building codes and regulations, along with other requirements I have to work with when [designing a house].”

“Once I complete all the needed research,” Mackenzie said, “I can then start design and laying out the floor plan, which will probably take the longest since it’s one of the most important parts.”

Eventually, Mackenzie can bring her parents back into her project.

“I will then begin to show my parents my designs and change them around if they don’t work for my parents’ needs.”

Once she’s finished the research and design, she can begin her favorite part.

“After the floor plans are finished, if I have enough time, I will begin making a model of my plans, which will become the most exciting part for me.”

Although Mackenzie is mostly excited, there are some doubts in her mind.

“I’m nervous about completing everything on time and staying on track in order to finish the project.” However, she is still hopeful, mostly because this project hits so closely to home.

“I really wanted to do this for my parents as a way for me to give back to them for everything they have done for me.”

Senior Project Coordinator Mrs. Louise Geczy feels excited for all the Senior Projects this year.  “My hope for every Senior Project is that students are able to learn and grow outside of the classroom in the real world and that they walk away from this understanding that if you truly put yourself into what you’re doing, you can learn so much about yourself.”