St. Joseph’s Program students get an early taste of hybrid education

Belle Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

The St. Joseph’s Program at JC has helped many students thrive and get the extra attention they have needed to succeed. When the school announced they were beginning the year virtually, this program was an exception.

Many of the students in the St. Joseph Program go into school at least once a week to meet and to get undivided attention and help with their classes.
One student in the sophomore class said, “The extra help the program has given me has allowed me to excel in my classes.”
The program stays organized by keeping a schedule as to when students are assigned days to come into school. On Mondays and Tuesdays, 16 freshmen come into the building; Wednesdays and Thursdays include 24 sophomores, and on Fridays, eight juniors and seniors attend JC classes from the building.
Students who come into the building are expected to follow the new JC guidelines in order to attend school safely and to remain healthy. They are required to wear the provided JC masks, follow the social distancing signs placed around the school, and maintain good hygiene throughout the day.
The students attend class by being spaced out throughout the St. Joseph’s Program rooms, so that they follow social distancing and so that they don’t interfere with other students’ learning. Students do not go in the other teachers’ classrooms without permission.
Mrs. Kelly Roiy, St. Joseph Program Director, is excited about how the program has been operating and said, “Meeting with the students in person has been very beneficial, especially with our freshman St. Joseph Program students.”
The freshmen in the St. Joseph’s program have had the advantage of being able to experience John Carroll for the first time, unlike the rest of their class who will be joining them in the building next week.