Geo’s Winter Outlook: Is our area in for a snowy winter?

It’s that time of the year again: the winter season when it’s cold, cloudy, and it rains and snows.

At this point in life, parents and kids depend on forecasts during the winter season to figure out how to either bundle up for the day or see if any future snow events will be coming to their area. This is because parents and students need to know if any potential future events are ahead.

Obviously, for people living in states like Florida and Texas, snow and cold weather is not much of a problem, but for people living in northern and mid-Atlantic states, such as New York or Maryland, snow and cold weather is a problem. A big problem..

Maryland has had multiple big snowfalls from early 2018 going into early 2019. These were generally well-forecasted in advance. These also heavily affected schools across the state as they unsurprisingly brought numerous closings and delays to the area.

With a new winter season arriving for the country, forecasters want not only to keep an eye on anything that can potentially bring snow to a certain part of the country but also predict how active the winter will be for parts of the country.

This forecasting is done by looking at computer weather models that can give a detailed and somewhat accurate look into the future. This, combined with several other things, give forecasters their ideas of what could be coming to the country in the next couple months as winter unfolds. These forecasts are then released to the public.

With this in mind, I have looked at some of these models myself and have made a conclusion with what I believe could occur this winter. I am calling for a near-average winter with some snowstorms, with the slight possibility of a big one in the next few months.
Anything can happen with the weather; it’s just a thing of when, where, and what.

Giovanni has been fascinated with meteorology since he was six years old, and that passion has only gotten stronger. He has been tracking the weather since early last year and plans to continue to do so. Giovanni is planning to go to college to enhance his study of meteorology.