‘Neighbors’ will tickle your funny bone

Those who find themselves sitting in front of their TV, laughing at crazy and crude movies should take time to see “Neighbors” once it is out of the theater. This movie portrays a new family getting used to the idea of being “old,” while the fraternity next door has the mentality that college will never end and that parties are the only things that matter.

“Neighbors” stars Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne as Seth and Kelly Radner who live in a suburban town.  Their neighbors are Zac Efron and Dave Franco as Teddy and Pete, president and vice president of their fraternity.

When the fraternity moves in next door to the Radners, the couple is immediately concerned with the level of noise that they may hear from the fraternity. Indeed, once the parties begin, the music does as well. Through the movie, Mac and Kelly wage a battle against Delta Psi Beta in order to force them to move.

The good: The pranks the frat boys and the couple play on each other are hilarious and invoke a laugh out of even the grumpiest person. Unexpectedly, there is a sound moral to “Neighbors,” bringing the ending on a nice note.

The bad: Crudeness is woven through the whole movie. There couldn’t have been five minutes without an action or word that could be interpreted as inappropriate. The storyline is also implausible and ridiculous because every scenario would not happen in real life, but it is enjoyable nonetheless.

The recommendation: Do not watch this with your parents. The crudeness is manageable and there is a good moral of the story. College students could definitely relate to the dilemmas and life problems shown throughout the movie, so I especially advise them to watch this. I do, however, recommend you wait until it comes out on Redbox, because although it was good, it’s not a must-see. It’s not worth paying extra to see it in theaters.

Elizabeth Driver is a Sports Editor for The Patriot and jcpatriot.com.