The Patriot picks the best of TV


Nick Miller

News Editor Mitch Hopkins and In-Depth Editor Sydney Kirwan pick the best television shows. The shows were chosen from those currently on air and those on Netflix.

“American Horror Story” on FX

I thought I was getting into a simple, somewhat childish horror show, but I was not ready for a terrifying show that would honestly induce some nightmares and cause me to sprint out of dark rooms when I shut off the light.

The cult following that this show has grown is comparable to the witches’ cult described in season three: Coven. People everywhere cluster around this show and some actors in particular, like Evan Peters, and I can see why. When I started this show, I wasn’t prepared to become glued to the screen in anticipation to what will happen next.

The amount of foreshadowing and the suspense that the show builds continues to keep me interested.

“Community” on NBC

This less known-about show was recommended to me by my friend and became my instant favorite. “Community,” which portrays a diverse study group and their antics, has an amazing cast, featuring the likes of Chevy Chase, Donald Glover (a.k.a. Childish Gambino), and Ken Jeung.

Sadly this show is currently off-air, but Yahoo picked up the contract for it and a sixth season is set to premiere in spring. Donald Glover will no longer be a member of the cast, but “Community” still shows promise of being a favorite.

“Big Bang Theory” on CBS

I love this show. The nerdy humor of this award-winning show and its completely unique characters make it one-of-a-kind. Sheldon Cooper, the brainiac main character, and his quirky attitude always keep the lives of his super-nerd friends and their scientific careers on their toes.

Odd things happen during the show, but lately it has become pretty predictable. I can’t really recommend this show to everyone because the consistency of humor is not great. Still, it is a great thing to look forward to on those Thursday nights that it actually airs.

“The Walking Dead” on AMC

For those of you who like zombie apocalypses and do not mind a little gore, “The Walking Dead” is the show for you. The show follows Rich Grimes and his family in the months after he wakes up from a coma to world of zombies. I started watching it during season four, which is when I got my parents addicted. From then we bought season one and got a free month’s trial of Netflix just to watch the seasons we missed. It’s that good. Each episode is filled with action-packed scenes that keep you on the edge of your seat while also winning your heart over with character relationships. This show will never leave you bored as long as you are fine with a little guts and gore.

“Eye Candy” on MTV

Thrilling and filled with drama, “Eye Candy” focuses on cyber-hacker Lindy (Victoria Justice), who is stalked by one of her dates from a online dating site she used. She teams up with the local police to try to find the suspect who is not only stalking her but killing her other dates she met on the online dating site. Although the show is brand-new I haven’t missed one episode. For those of you who like crime shows like CBS’s “NCIS” or “Stalker,” you will love this show. It captivates your mind and leaves you wanting more after each episode. This show is exciting and riveting and you will not be able to resist watching.

“Red Band Society” on FOX

Tear-jerking and heart-warming, this show centers on a group of teenagers’ daily lives living in a hospital and battling their various illnesses. The comedic group makes it light-hearted and fun while they work to overcome their challenges. Always going on adventures, they show that even though they have limits, they still are teenagers like you and me. The group becomes a family as through it all they help each other navigate the challenges they face. Sadly, the show was canceled after the first season. However, I still highly recommend the series.

Mitch Hopkins is a News Editor for The Patriot and

Sydney Kirwan is an In-Depth Editor for The Patriot and