TV Talk: “Fuller House” meets low expectations

Members of the Patriot staff review various TV shows.

Netflix’s recent release of the TV show “Fuller House”, met my very low expectations.

A spin off or revival of a classic sitcom never ends well, and I started watching “Fuller House” expecting to be hit with the blunt force of the trainwreck.

I’ve watched “Girl Meets World,” the revival of “Boy Meets World,” and like most revivals of quality TV shows, it stinks. Most spin-offs and revivals are desperate attempts to make more money, and I went into Fuller House with the same attitude, expecting shallow plot-lines, poor actors, and bad dialogue.

“Fuller House” met my expectations. It had corny jokes, over-exaggerated references to “Full House,” and static characters that were no different than they were in the original “Full House.” I won’t offer any spoilers, but the show is full of huge plot holes and references to prior events the audience never sees or fully understands.

The old jokes and catchlines are overused, and the plot in every episode is not interesting enough to keep you engaged for the thirty minutes required to watch it. The old characters leave, then keep popping in and out of episodes, leaving the audience feeling like the only reason these old, lovable characters are re-introduced for thirty seconds in an episode is to keep the returning fans satisfied.

The audience is formally introduced to old but minor characters, such as the twins,but these characters aren’t given enough screen time for their introductions to be interesting. What’s the point of a reunion if I don’t get to see how the younger characters grew up in the time between shows?

While the description I’ve offered portrays the show as horrible, I wouldn’t discourage you from watching. At some points you will laugh at a few jokes (mostly at their stupidity), and you will get to see what all the old characters look like now. Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky still look great by the way.  I’d honestly watch it again just for the short glimpses of John Stamos.

If you have some free time, watch it, but have low expectations. Hopefully these low expectations will keep you pleasantly surprised.

Grace Mottley is a News Editor for The Patriot and