Movie of the Month: “The Darkness” falls short of expectations

Each month a member of the Patriot Staff picks a movie to review. Read and decide whether or not it is worth seeing for yourself.


“The Darkness” came out on Friday, May 13. Expectations for this movie were high, but the movie fell short of expectations.

This week I spent 13 dollars. Actually, I shouldn’t say that, that’s too nice. What I meant was, I wasted 13 dollars this weekend on the worst horror movie I’ve ever seen, “The Darkness.”

“The Darkness” came out on Friday, May 13. When I first found out that this movie was coming out on Friday the 13th, I got excited and figured it had to be scary, or at least thrilling. After seeing the trailer through an ad on Twitter, I was impressed and made plans to see it on opening night.

As it turns out, whoever was in charge of marketing for “The Darkness,” did a pretty good job, because the few good parts of the movie made up the trailer, leaving the rest of the movie to be quite uneventful.

This movie can be summed up in one word: cliche. This movie is full of lights turning on, doors slamming shut, weird noises, and every other basic part of a horror movie that I’ve ever seen. Now, take all of those cliches, and put them all into one movie – this is “The Darkness.” If one more faucet turned on by itself, I may have walked out of that theater.

For the cast, with the exception of Kevin Bacon, the characters are a bunch of no-name actors. While they all play their parts well, the personalities of the characters are incredibly annoying. Bacon and Radha Mitchell are two parents who have no control over their kids which is painful to watch.

Their daughter Stephanie, played by Lucy Fry, plays the part of a bulimic teenage girl with self-image problems to a tee. She is also a spoiled brat with attitude problems and it was quite bothersome. Finally, the son Mikey, played by David Mazouz, is a child with autism, although it took me a little while to figure out he had autism. Let’s just say Leonardo DiCaprio did a much better job in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?”

The plotline of the movie wasn’t terrible. It was easy to follow and made sense. You just had to get past the frequent cliches and occasional plot holes to really enjoy the story.

About halfway through the movie, I asked my friend to look up “The Darkness” on Google to see what type of reviews it got. My next question was “how much longer until this movie is over?” If you aren’t going to take my word for how bad this movie was, at least take the 6% rating via Rotten Tomatoes- yes, 6%

Overall, “The Darkness” let me down big time. It was marketed very well and released on a perfect date, I will never get those 13 dollars back.

Daniel Robinson is a Copy Editor for The Patriot and