Review: “Love is Blind” is one of the top ten shows on the streaming service

Belle Wilson, Managing Editor

“Love is Blind’ is a new reality show that began airing on February 13 that is all about finding love. However, the way of finding love on the show “Love is Blind” isn’t conventional compared to how people date nowadays: face-to-face.

In this new series, 30 single people go to a  “facility” in Atlanta, where the men and women live separately. Both genders only interact in conversation “pods,” which are separated by a frosted glass divider when they go on a date.

The point of this way of dating is for the contestants to connect with the other gender based on their personalities rather than all on looks. It’s all part of the experiment to see if love is really blind — hence the name.

The show isn’t just not orthodox because of how the couple’s date, but they also have to propose to each other without seeing the other within ten days. Once the couples are engaged, they are finally allowed to see each other. There are constant worries that their partners might not like the way they look when they finally meet their fiancées.

Once the process of dating into engagement was over, there were six total couples. The hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey don’t address what happens to the other 18 people, but viewers can assume they didn’t find love or were dumped.

The six couples then embark on a vacation to Mexico where couples see if they are compatible.

Since the couples have only known each other for under two weeks, this time in Mexico forces the couples to open up about their lives before they move in with each other and face the ‘real’ world.

The contestants don’t have access to their phones or the internet so facing their families with the fact that they are now engaged to a person they just met is nerve-racking on their relationships. Some couples can take this stress and some don’t make it out of Mexico.

Once their utopia stay in Mexico is over, it’s almost wedding time. The couples now have one month to plan a wedding, meet each other’s families, and move in together.

When it comes to the wedding day, the real question is: will both parties say “I do”?
The series is all about drama and action. If you need a good Netflix show to binge on since only one season is out, I recommend it.
It will keep you on the edge of your seat as contestants will have is decide if love is blind. Will their relationships survive?
While at home for this extended period of time, check it out.