Review: “Manifest” will make you want to drive to your next vacation

Giovanni Rizzotti, Staff Writer

Imagine if one day, you were flying home from somewhere else after a vacation, and when you land, you find out it has been five years since you and everyone on the plane were last seen.

This is exactly what happened to 198 people onboard an airplane on the TV show, “Manifest”.

“Manifes”t is an NBC television drama that began airing on September 24, 2018. The show revolves around the 198 passengers and crew of Montego Air Flight 828, an airplane that takes off from Montego Bay, Jamaica on April 7, 2013.

During the flight, which is headed for New York City, the plane experiences a brief period of turbulence in the air. When they near New York, they are asked by Air Traffic Control to land at an airport north of New York City. When they land, they find out from officials that the date is November 4, 2018, and that they were all missing and presumed dead for five and a half years. However, the flight for the passengers has seemed like their normal, two-hour flight.  They have no clue that so much time has gone by.

After 36 hours, all passengers are reunited with their loved ones after being questioned by the NSA. What is strange is that none of the passengers have even aged a day.

The series revolves around four main characters of the flight: Michaela Stone, an NYPD officer played by Melissa Roxburgh, Ben Stone, an associate professor and brother of Michaela played by Josh Dallas, Cal Stone, Ben’s younger son who has leukemia, played by Jack Messina, and Saanvi Bahl, a medical researcher played by Parveen Kaur.

The series also focuses on other important characters who were not on the flight, including Grace Stone, Ben’s wife, Olive Stone, Ben’s older daughter, Jared Vasquez, Michaela’s fiancé and NYPD partner, and Zeke Landon, a man who went into a cave and disappeared for one year before returning alive, in similar fashion to what happened to the plane.

The four who were on the plane after landing, begin to experience “callings,” which are their own voices in their own heads telling them to do something important.

To put it simply, “Manifest” is an absolutely amazing TV show. It will throw many different events out that can put the viewer into a state of confusion and wondering of what will happen in the next episode. The characters portray their roles perfectly as if this were an actual event happening. The show has action, drama, and many other components that make it a great TV show.

As of now, the show has two completed seasons. A possible third season has not been announced as of yet.  The show is available for watching on the TV channel, NBC. However, it is also available for viewing on NBCs online streaming service.

Maybe next time you go on a vacation, unless absolutely necessary, consider driving instead of flying.