[UPDATE] Husband of alumna killed in hit-and-run


On the night of March 6, Christian J. Widomski, 44, was killed in a hit-and-run incident near his home on the 2800-block of Harford Road.

Widomski was walking behind a snow blower on the shoulder of the road when a vehicle is said to have lost control and struck Widomski, according to the Maryland State Police report.

Police are seeking help from the public in identifying the driver, who was driving a Jeep Cherokee. Allegedly the driver, after striking Widomski, continued to head north toward MD Route 152, police said.

According to Maryland State Police, “The vehicle that struck the victim is described by witnesses as a dark colored Jeep Cherokee, with dark flared fenders and a silver push bumper.  The vehicle has a lift kit, which means it sets higher off the road than regular Jeep Cherokees.”

Widomski’s wife, Shannon Trussell-Widomski, class of ’88, is left with her two sons Charlie and Sam.

Anyone with information about the driver or vehicle is urged to contact Maryland State Police at 410-879-2101.

For more information about the fatal crash and details about the vehicle, refer to the Bel Air Patch.

[Update 4/15]

The police have found the Jeep Cherokee responsible for the fatal hit-and-run that killed Christian J. Widomski, husband of Shannon Trussell-Widomski, class of ‘88, on Harford Road on March 6. The news was announced on March 17.

Ever since the incident two weeks ago, hundreds of tips had been generated in order to help find the missing vehicle. According to police quoted by CBS Baltimore, “with the help of citizens, investigators have been able to locate this vehicle. They are processing it at this point in time.”

The driver has not be identified or charged for the hit-and-run case, as more information is still under way.

The community has shown its support of Widomski and his family by starting a GoFundMe page to raise money for Widomski’s two sons. The page has received over $25,000.

While the Jeep has be identified, please refer any additional and relevant information to 410-879-2101, and read more about the case at CBS Baltimore.

Claire Grunewald is a Lifestyles Editor for The Patriot and jcpatriot.com.