News Updates: Culture Shock club finds new starting point, Admissions office remains hopeful for class of 2018


Culture Shock club finds new starting point

Culture Shock held its annual fair on Jan. 31 showcasing over eight countries.

“This is my first year as president so it was very nerve-racking,” senior Lindsey McCumber said. “Everyone in the club surprised me with their dedication and effort, and I thought the new location in the library increased turn-out.”

The event was held in the library instead of the Brown Room, where it has been held in years past.

According to McCumber, the purpose of the group is to educate the community and spread culture within JC.

Different tables made up stations to educate visitors about some countries, including Chad, North Korea, and the Dominican Republic, and their cultures.

“I thought that a lot of students came and listened to the presentations and got food,” club moderator Tara Snook said.
McCumber called the fair a “new starting point.”

According to Snook “I’m looking forward to doing more activities in the future to bring diversity and discussions of diversity to JC.”

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Admissions office remains hopeful for class of 2018

200 students for 2018 was the goal the admission office hoped for all year.

According to Director of Enrollment Ed Maynard, there is a slim chance.

“I would love to say yes [that enrollment will be up], but it would take a near perfect rate of acceptance,” Maynard said.
Typically, about 58 percent of admitted students end up attending JC.

In order to meet the goal of 200 for the class of 2018, the percent of admitted students that attend JC needs to between 67-68 percent.

Maynard is still hopeful that they will reach their goal. The number of shadows this year went up in comparison to years past, as were number of applicants and the number of students who took the entrance test.

The number of students who applied was about 275 and the number of students who were accepted is about 255, as of Feb 18.

Maynard said “I feel good [about the numbers], but its too early to tell [how many will actually attend] simply because of the weather. We’ll hope to have a better idea around Feb 20.”

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