Op-Ed: Stop treating us like children


Eric Johnson

This desktop computer is wrapped in caution tape to represent the all the websites that are blocked on the JC network. Over 100 websites are blocked related to games, sports, shopping, entertainment, and online banking.

That’s it. I’ve had it with this “blocked website” or “website unavailable” nonsense.

This morning, after finishing my AP Statistics test, I went to go on the Major League Baseball website to look at buying tickets to go see an Orioles game, only to find it’s “inaccessible because of Sports/Recreation.” Would killing time after doing my work have hurt anyone?


I’d really like to know how anyone thinks that blocking websites will actually make people pay attention in class.

If people don’t want to pay attention in class, they aren’t going to. I don’t care if I’m twiddling my thumbs, it’s more entertaining sitting in silence, surrounded by boredom. In fact, entertaining myself online is better than finding other ways to occupy myself because at least by going on websites, I’m not also distracting other people.

Plus, this is supposed to be a college preparatory school. Name one college that has gaming websites blocked and where the administration is as strict our administration. We should have the opportunity to manage our own time, not have it done forcibly for us.

If people are going to decide to not pay attention in class, let them self-destruct. We’re all past the age where we need to have our hands held and be told what to do.

Nobody stands by in college or at a desk job to make sure people are on track 100 percent of the time.

Stop treating the students like children because it’s not productive.

And my thumbs are getting tired.

Eric Johnson is a Sports Editor for The Patriot and jcpatriot.com.