What should the holiday season look like with COVID-19 looming?


Madison Elliott and Maddie Root

Pro: COVID cannot stop the holiday season 

Traditions are best when we are surrounded by the ones we love, so it is important that we keep our holiday traditions as normal as we can. One of the major significances of holidays is the fact that you spend that time around family and friends.

This year has unique circumstances that have prevented so many normal traditions from happening already.
Holidays should be one of the exceptions for travel and/or having large gatherings. Holidays are one positive thing that we have this year that is going to happen regardless of COVID-19. The only difference is the way we celebrate.
Personally, I do not get to see my family often due to how busy our everyday lives are. I miss my family a lot during this time, so the holidays have an even larger significance due to that being one of the only times of the year that I get to see my family all together.
I have trust in my family to let the rest of us know whether they are sick or are not comfortable to gather with one another.
Life is changing in many major ways, so people will eventually need to adapt. Families can still have the option to not attend a special gathering or make alterations, but other than that it is important to get this quality time.
People are now able to get more creative with many possibilities for staying connected. Even small things like the drive-by of a home or family Zoom calls can be cherished.
This year has brought many challenges and hard times for many people, so family and friends are so valuable to help bring everyone together and spread joy for all.
Over quarantine I have learned so much about myself — one thing being how much I value my family and friends. I now want to ensure I do not take them for granted.
You never know whether this could be your last holiday with some of your friends or family members, so it could be worth the risk to gather with them to make sure you do not miss that opportunity.
Many families have missed out on this valuable time already by quarantining and skipping other holidays. This holiday season is one of the biggest, and I think it is time to allow at least some normalcy to this season. People could end the year as one bringing back some “normal” times compared to the rest of the year.
Even though it is important to stay safe during the pandemic, holidays are now one of the only times out of this year that people have the traditions and reason to gather, so they can have their normal holiday season. – Madison Elliott

CON: Some traditions will need to be abandoned this year

It’s not shocking to anyone that the holidays are different this year. This year, many of us will be cooped up inside our homes for Christmas. We all are making sacrifices because of COVID-19.

As more and more people contract COVID-19, the more dangerous it is to spend time with friends and family outside of your own household. The best possible way to celebrate Christmas and the new year is with the people in your household.
We have to realize that even though we cannot do much outside of our homes this year, we can do so many fun holiday activities inside our homes. For the sake of keeping everyone healthy and safe, we need to abandon some of our traditions. These traditions may include traveling to see distant family, hosting Christmas parties, and gathering with neighbors.
We do not have to completely throw away our regular Christmas traditions; we just have to modify them.
Christmas is all about traveling and going to see loved ones. However, this year, traveling is not the smartest idea. Instead of traveling to see your friends and family, FaceTime or call them. In fact, common sense tells us that it is impossible to spread COVID-19 over the phone.
Instead of going out, make your Christmas traditions at home bigger and better than ever this year. For example, if you usually put up Christmas lights outside your home, put up extra lights this year! Or, if you notice your tree is looking a little bland, add some extra ornaments and more decorations! This Christmas season, it is all about going that extra mile.
Along with your regular celebrations, start some new Christmas traditions inside your home. Change is always good. Try to interest your whole family in your activity. Maybe it’s building a puzzle, having a movie marathon, or competing in an intense cookie decorating contest.
Please keep in mind that we may be able to go back to our normal traditions next Christmas. A vaccine is on the way. These times are extremely difficult, and we all need to keep each other safe. The only way to do that is to stay home and save some traditions for next year.  – Maddie Root