Dogs are built-in best friends

The ROOT of It All


Maddie Root, Managing Editor

Dogs. When you think of these wonderful pets, you think of warm, friendly animals. What they really are, however, are built-in best friends.

Dogs are built-in best friends. Everyone needs someone in their life that is constantly there for them. A dog can be that someone. For me, that someone is my dog, Tagg.
When I’m having a bad day, the first thing I look forward to is hugging my dog. No matter how many mistakes I make or how many times I mess up, my dog is always there for me. I know that there is nothing I can do to make my dog not love me. This gives me a sense of security.
I know all dog people understand exactly what I’m talking about. When you get a bad grade on a test, or even just have a bad day, your dog can help take some of that awful stress away. Let’s be honest; school can be extremely stressful at times. It is scientifically proven that dogs help with stress and anxiety.
In fact, I think more dogs in school would be very beneficial to all students. Even if you’re not a dog person, just being around a friendly animal will cheer you up. Whenever I see Milo walking around school, I instantly feel happier, and I know that other students love to see him trotting around school as well.
One positive thing that has come out of COVID-19 is that I am able to spend more time with Tagg during the day. I get to hang out with him while I am in class, taking a test, relaxing, and eating lunch.
Now is also a great time to adopt a dog. Dogs are always looking for loving homes. We have all spent a lot of time alone during the pandemic. Adding a new friend to your family will bring lots of joy to your home.
Like me, dog lovers have spent a lot of time with their dogs during the pandemic. Some owners and their dogs have gotten the chance to become even closer than they already are during lockdown. We have to look on the bright side of things. Being fortunate enough to have a dog through these hard times is something to not take for granted.
My dog has helped me immensely during the pandemic. I know other students and teachers feel the same way. My motto is: the more dogs around, the better! Life is great with dogs around.