Women’s lacrosse edges Severn at Cedar Lane

Womens lacrosse edges Severn at Cedar Lane

Sophomore defender Haley Kyger and an offensive player from Severn both attempt to grab the ball out of the air. JC’s defense was quick to react to Severn’s offensive attacks, giving them the advantage in the game.

At the first sight of rain, the women’s lacrosse game against Severn on April 18 was moved from its original location at JC to Cedar Lane, a complex with turf fields. The adverse playing conditions didn’t hinder the women’s lacrosse team, as they emerged with a win over Severn, 11-9.

Early in the game, a defensive stop created by the combined efforts of senior Shelby Foit and junior Hannah Griffith gave JC possession of the ball and sent the team sprinting up the field. The play led to a dead end, however, as JC couldn’t convert the brief advantage into a goal.

When the ball changed possession to Severn, JC committed a foul, which left a Severn player with a momentarily free shot resulting in a goal.

“After a shot is scored, as a goalie, you need to let go of it. You can think about what you should’ve done and then forget about it completely to get ready for the next shot,” junior goalie Alexa DiPeso said.

Quickly, JC regrouped and had their chance to score on a penalty. Sophomore Meredith Haggerty matched Severn’s previous goal, keeping JC in the lead. This was one of her three goals in the game, making her JC’s lead scorer. She also supported the team with an assist.

“[When I am shooting a penalty], I am thinking about where I can shoot past the goalie to score and how much it means to the team to score,” Haggerty said.

After several minutes of play full of contact, JC scored another goal off of a penalty shot. Severn bumped up the intensity and launched an offensive attack against the JC defense, but was foiled when Dipeso caught the ball over her head. In the first half, she had a total of 10 saves.  She was subbed out in the second half, replaced by senior Carlee Ries who had three saves.

Dipeso, after the save, threw the ball to the left and JC moved the ball swiftly up the field. This unexpected attack left Severn unprepared and allowed JC to convert a save on the defensive end to a goal on the offensive.

“The defense has great communication and are quick with any play,” Dipeso said.

Throughout the game, JC’s match-up zone defense created Severn turnovers, but Severn kept themselves in the game. Eventually, time and hope ran out for Severn, and as the final whistle blew, the score stood at 11-9, Patriots. This win improved the team’s record to 4-5. Their next game is on April 25 against Roland Park.

Miranda Ripken is a Sports Editor for The Patriot and jcpatriot.com.