Sports Updates: Indoor soccer places close second in championship


Erica Kelble, Multimedia Editor

The women’s indoor soccer team circled up and rehashed their strategy to defeat Friends School at the IAAM Championship game at Du Burns Arena on Feb. 8. The players jogged onto the field and took their positions.  The entire season had led up to this point.

“We practiced a lot, so we were able to give Friends the best of our game,” head coach Hayley Howe said. JC lost the championship 2-3 but closed the season with a winning record of 6-2.

The championship started with freshman Abby Hormes and senior Sophie Centi each scoring a goal by the end of the first half. Friends came back during the second half, scoring twice against JC to tie the score.

The game then entered a 5 minute overtime, but, as neither team scored, it was decided by penalty kicks. Although juniors Caroline Sdanowich and Megan Amrein both kicked the soccer ball into the net, Friends achieved three goals, winning the game.

Erica Kelble is a Multimedia Editor for The Patriot and