Athlete Spotlight: Kristen Kohles


Photo courtesy Mike Monaghan

Hereford runner Erin Causey and JC senior runner Kristen Kohles run in the Barnhart race on Sep. 28. Kohles was the number one varsity runner for the JC team.

Senior Kristen Kohles nervously eats sour gummy worms as she waits for her race to begin. Kohles is filled with anxiety as the start of the race draws closer and closer. When the race finally starts, she immediately takes the lead–and keeps it for the entire race.

“I feel tired and hate my life during the race, but I’m also determined,” Kohles said. “Most races are lonely, but its good knowing there is no one in front of me.” She eats sour gummy worms before every race for good luck.

Kohles is the number one varsity runner on the women’s cross country team.  Women’s varsity consists of the seven fastest runners on the team. This is her second year of cross country and her second year on varsity.

She has won countless races and usually places in the top 10 at the bigger meets. “After the race, I feel accomplished and glad that it is over,” Kohles said.

“Kristen is the perfect culmination of talent, dedication, hard work and leadership that has helped her not only have a lot of individual success, but also to lead the team to one of the best [years] John Carroll has ever had in the IAAM,” cross country coach Robert Torres said.

Kohles did not know how fast she was when she started cross country last year. During the first race she ever ran, she passed out.

“It was kind of discouraging because it didn’t go to well, which didn’t allow me much hope for the rest of the season,” Kohles said.

The cross country races are usually 3.1 miles (5 kilometers) and are run on different types of tough terrain. A race could be through the woods or on grass, pavement, and even sand. The course and the weather have a big effect on a runner’s time.  Kohles’ fastest time is 18:59 and her slowest is 21:30.

Her favorite race this season was the Oct 2  home race against Mount de Sales and Mercy. JC won even though Mount de Sales was a difficult team to beat.

Her least favorite race this season was in Delaware at the Salesianum Invitational. “It was too hot, and there were too many hills,” Kohles said.

“She’s always working hard in practices and always has a positive outlook. She has a great sense of humor and is a great attribute to the team,” teammate sophomore Holly Driver said.

Kohles also does winter track and lacrosse in the spring. She has run winter track all four years of high school and has played lacrosse for the past 12 years. Lacrosse is her favorite sport, and she is going to college at Virginia Tech on a lacrosse scholarship.

“My favorite [parts] of lacrosse [are when] everything we’ve worked on really hard in practices finally starts coming out in games and when we all work together,” Kohles said. “It’s awesome being on a team of such talented girls, and I hope we do really well this year. I’m finally a senior and want to have a great season my last year.”

Rachel Amrhein is a Multimedia Editor for The Patriot and