Hemby prepares for college football


Allyson Jones, Staff Writer

Roman Hemby, a running back on the John Carroll varsity football team, is truly a star athlete. Having played football since age four, he is now committed to a Division One college.

Roman, a senior at JC, reflected on his last year at John Carroll and is looking forward to furthering his education at The University of Maryland.
He said “I wanted to go somewhere where my teammates were as underrated and as ambitious as myself. Choosing a place where I could compete and have a shot to make it to the NFL while getting an amazing education was very important to me,” he said.
Roman received offers not only from the University of Maryland, a Division One school, but from 25 others.
His mother said this was the proudest moment of her son Roman’s football career.
Regarding how the current pandemic of COVID-19 has affected his football season, Roman was rather optimistic.
Roman said, “COVID has ruined some of my college visits and made it hard for me to make it to the gym, but it wasn’t all bad. I was able to workout with my brother and put on muscle.”
While he said balancing school and sports and schoolwork can be difficult, he still appreciates it for it keeps him “busy” and “held accountable.”
Roman’s piece of advice for aspiring Division One players is, “Just work hard; take the classroom seriously; never settle for being mediocre, and never forget where you came from. Progress is important, and being humble is even more important.”