Senior excels in four sports


Grant Sharretts

Senior midfielder Abby Hormes advances up the field on attack. Hormes also competes on the soccer, indoor soccer, and indoor track teams.

At 7:25 a.m., senior Abby Hormes gets ready to leave for school. She grabs her backpack and her lunch, then runs upstairs for something she forgot to bring. She walks over to her desk where her 2017 IAAM Indoor Soccer Championship trophy rests and picks up her lacrosse cleats from under the chair. Indoor soccer is over, and now it’s lacrosse season. However, changing sports season to season is nothing knew to Hormes, because she plays four sports year here at JC.

Hormes plays soccer in the fall, indoor soccer in the winter, and lacrosse in the spring. She also runs indoor track in the winter. Although this may seem like a lot, Hormes is used to it, as she has been playing multiple sports year-round her entire life. “I’ve been playing sports since I was three years old,” she said. “I played lacrosse and soccer and played basketball until eighth grade.”

Even Hormes’ summers are busy with sports. “I played club lacrosse in the summer where we had tons of practices and tournaments,” Hormes said.

Because of the year-round schedule, Hormes doesn’t have much time to specifically train for a certain sport. Instead, she gets on the field as much as possible. “I play soccer in the summer too to train and get ready for the season in the fall,” she said.

Hormes is the second line of an athletic generation in her family. Her mother, Gina Hormes, played both field hockey and lacrosse at Towson University. Her mother also played on the U.S. Women’s National  Lacrosse Team. Hormes father, Tim Hormes, played college lacrosse at Washington College and played professionally in the Indoor Lacrosse league. “My parents raised me in sports – they’re kinda what I know how to do,” Hormes said.

Abby comes out and gives 150 percent every day in practice or games. Anything she puts her mind to, she will do it.

— Women’s varsity lacrosse coach Abby Swift

Even though Hormes plays a variety of sports, one quality remains constant – her competitive fire. “She is one of the most competitive people I have ever met, and her competitiveness makes her who she is,” women’s varsity lacrosse head coach Abby Swift said.

Hormes’ coaches have even poked fun at her competitive nature. According to senior varsity soccer defender Stephanie Imbierowicz, at the end of the outdoor soccer season in the fall, head coach Hayley Howe gave her a handful of little trophies as a senior gift. “She’s the most competitive person I’ve ever played with, so the gift was very fitting for her,” Imbierowicz said.

Along with her desire to win, Hormes is a very hard worker. “Abby comes out and gives 150 percent every day in practice or games. Anything she puts her mind to, she will do it,” Swift said.

Her work ethic has created a model for her fellow teammates to emulate. “She never has to be told to do anything, and she always works hard,” sophomore varsity lacrosse midfielder Georgia Ceanfaglione said. “She always pushes you and makes you better.”

Hormes will continue to play lacrosse at James Madison University. While she will miss her teammates, coaches, and winning championships in high school, Hormes believes she  will miss playing multiple sports above all. “You don’t get [to play multiple sports] in college,” Hormes said.

Hormes is primed for a successful senior campaign in 2017. “Each year, she’s gotten better and better and has made a huge impact to this team, and I think that this year the sky’s the limit for her. She continuously improves, and you can’t ask for anything more as a coach. She is a really good kid,” Swift said.

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