Elizabeth’s top picks

Elizabeth Harmison, News Editor

Best: Priyanka Chopra – This nude pink dress perfectly complimented Chopra’s skin tone, and even though it was simple, it was still visually appealing. The cascading ruffle on the top part of the dress and the fringe on the bottom created interesting depth and contrasting textures. Instead of layering on jewelry, Chopra wore silver heels to add a pop of shine to the look.

Blake Lively – Lively’s outfit seemed to draw inspiration from 1920s flapper girls with this sparkly, black fringe dress. This dress was a stark contrast with what Lively normally wears, and was edgier and shorter than her usual princess ball gowns. The look was pulled together with a simple black clutch and strappy stilettos. By keeping her hair and makeup simple, Lively helped this outfit come together.

Keltie Knight – One of the biggest trends in fashion at the moment is crushed velvet, which was Knight’s fabric of choice. This way that this choice of fabric was draped helped to create drama in the dress. Darker eye makeup with a touch of teal, made Knight’s eyes stand out, and the simple hair and minimal jewelry made this look effortless.

Jamie Chung – Chung looked like she had just stepped off the jet from some tropical vacation in this lacy yellow number. Her dewy makeup and beach waves paired with the tastefully cut-out dress and strappy sandals contributed to the “surfer girl” look. The marbled teal clutch also added a hint of color to the outfit.

Chelsea Kane – The rose pattern paired with the black, lacy fabric made Kane look like a forest enchantress. Although Kane was relatively covered up, the sheer nature of the fabric helped to prevent the look from becoming too heavy. Kane broke up the darkness of the dress with subtle touches of red, and the bob cut and bangs perfectly framed her face, without drawing too much attention.


Worst: Chandra Wilson – Let me start this out by saying I love Wilson, but this look is just atrocious. The black and brown trench coat/vest thing paired with the pops of teal totally clashed. It looked like Wilson went into Goodwill 10 minutes before she had to be on the red carpet, closed her eyes, and just put on the first few things she touched.

Chris Sullivan – Honestly, what was happening with this outfit? It looked like he was heading to the Kid’s Choice Awards instead of the People’s Choice Awards. Not only was Sullivan wearing a snapback hat and the most horrendous neon, splatter paint pants, but also a pair of New Balance sneakers that a suburban dad would wear.

Sarah Drew – This dress looks as though Drew went fishing and got tangled in some fishing net before arriving on the People’s Choice Awards red carpet. If it wasn’t for the tattered lace over top of the dress, it would have been cute, but the frayed bottom just ruins the whole look.

Lori Loughlin – Loughlin looked like she went to someone’s grandmother’s house, stole her drapes and pink tablecloth, and then turned it into a dress. This blocky mess was totally unflattering and hid her figure. As far as accessories go, it looked like she tied a red and green Christmas ribbon around her neck, and her shoes looked like they would be a part of a children’s dress up kit.

Kristen Bell – The usually fabulous Bell looked like a strange mix between a disco ball and a knight’s chainlink armour in this strapless jumpsuit. The busy material of the dress coupled with the strange patches of white fabric just muddled a look that would have otherwise been wonderful if it was a single color and fabric.

Elizabeth Harmison is a News Editor for The Patriot and jcpatriot.com.