Perry causes ‘roar’ with new album

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“PRISM” by Katy Perry

Total Album Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Katy Perry has been hot on the charts ever since she rose to fame in 2006. Since her hits “Hot n Cold,” “California Gurls,” “Last Friday Night,” “Firework,” “Teenage Dream,” and “The One That Got Away,” (just to name a few), Perry has become a household name with millions of fans. Her upbeat and catchy tunes are present again when she released her fourth album, PRISM, on Oct. 22, 2013.

“Roar” is the next number-one single that Perry will put under her belt, since it’s impossible to listen to the radio for 30 minutes without hearing the song. I may or may not admit to screaming the lyrics to this song and dancing in the car every time I hear it. “International Smile” is also one of the best, fitting with the cutesy and fun vibe of Perry’s songs and persona. “By The Grace of God” is a beautiful ballad, letting fans into Perry’s world of deep emotional struggle.

“Birthday” is not good at all. I actually can’t believe it’s one of Perry’s songs. It has a similar beat to “California Gurls” when it first starts, but then she sounds so auto-tuned that her voice is almost unrecognizable. “Dark Horse” isn’t special either, as Juicy J’s deep, rapper voice doesn’t mix well with Perry’s high and sugary-sweet tone.

However, Perry certainly is willing to sprinkle a little bit of every sound in her songs. “Legendary Lovers” has an Indian sound and the lyrics are in hyper drive speed and “This Is How We Do” has an electric beat. Meanwhile “Walking on Air” has a retro 90’s feel. “Love Me” is a typical staple for Perry, since it encouraged self-worth and confidence, which only makes the song better.

If you already like Katy Perry, then this album will be a good addition to your collection. Unfortunately, this probably won’t convert any new Katy-Kats because apart from a few tracks, it leaves much to be desired.


1. Roar- 5 stars

2. Legendary Lovers- 3.5 stars

3. Birthday- 2.5 stars

4. Walking on Air- 4 stars

5. Unconditionally- 4.5 stars

6. Dark Horse ft. Juicy J- 3 stars

7. This Is How We Do- 4.5 stars

8. International Smile- 5 stars

9. Ghost- 4 stars

10. Love Me- 4 stars

11. This Moment- 3 stars

12. Double Rainbow- 3 stars

13. By The Grace Of God- 5 stars

Lauren Fabiszak is an A&E Editor for The Patriot and