Bel Air High School senior excels in the business world with The Jaded Bean


Tona Rimpel

Jade Schmidt new owner of the Jaded Bean posses at her shop. Jaded Bean officially opened on March 1, 2015.

Several months ago owner of Shamrock Coffee, Ian Mitchell, joked to Scott Schmidt that he would give him his coffee shop. Daughter of Scott Schmidt and at the time employee of Shamrock Coffee, Jade Schmidt was intrigued by the idea.

“I told my dad I think it’s a great idea to own a coffee shop, and it could be a lot of fun,” Bel Air High School senior Jade Schmidt said.

Scott Schmidt bought the coffee shop, and it officially opened on March 1, 2015 under its new name, The Jaded Bean.

“My dad actually thought of the name when we were first opening,” Jade Schmidt said.

Scott had always inspired Jade to be a business owner by being one himself.  Scott used to be part owner in the System One Tattoo Product Line, and he currently owns Victoria and Albert Hair Studio.

“I have always wanted to be a business owner because my dad pushed me in that direction by inspiring me with his own businesses,” Jade said.

Music is the main theme for the interior decorations of The Jaded Bean.The grey walls and the musical notes all along the walls give the coffee shop a modern feel.

“We wanted to make it so people can come in and play music whenever they want,” said Jade.

The Jaded Bean offers a variety of options to choose from. They have hot and cold coffees, teas, frozen drinks, scones, muffins, soups, croissants, bagels, brownies, and other pastries.

Kristen Isoldi is an A&E Editor for The Patriot and