One Eleven Main meets high expectations


Allie Taylor

One Eleven Main on Main Street in Bel Air provides a tasty sit-down dinner for the whole family. With delicious food and a rustic atmosphere, the hidden gem in Bel Air won’t disappoint you.

Fancy, but fun. Quiet, but exciting. Healthy, but delicious. Artistic. Unique. Intriguing. Satisfying. The One Eleven Main restaurant in downtown Bel Air possesses all of these qualities and, with each experience, I discover more.

One Eleven Main is the place to go if you’re looking for something you’ve never experienced before. Every item on their menu, from a shirley temple to a piece of cake, has a funky yet delicious twist. A trip to One Eleven Main will take you far away from the usual chicken tenders and french fries and introduce you to the artistry of fine dining.

The atmosphere of the restaurant has a rustic theme that is carried out in a very chic way.The decor tells a story, and leaves you wanting more. The tables and the floor are a beautiful rustic wood while the walls, the lights, and the glassware are clean cut and modern.

Then, there is the whimsical bar and benches that create an artsy feel bringing out a curiosity about the overall theme of the restaurant. One Eleven Main is a perfect mixture of many atmospherical designs that leave you more than satisfied no matter what you’re in the mood for.

I never thought someone could funkify something as generic as a shirley temple, but the bartender at One Eleven Main managed to amaze me when he set his masterpiece in front of me. Normally a shirley temple is a bright, unnaturally red drink garnished with an equally unnaturally red cherry, but not here.

The drink from One Eleven Main was a deep red, the color of an actual cherry. This is because of the homemade, naturally flavored juice used to create it. The garnish consisted of a gourmet candied cherry. I took one sip of this jewel of a drink, and I knew I’d never again enjoy a generic bright red shirley temple.

My amazement continued through the appetizer portion of the meal. My family ordered an apple salad as well as the butterscotch squash. The squash was truly life-changing. It was topped with brown butter, sage, and a homemade marshmallow that was truly a trip to heaven.

Next came a true game changer – steak! Not just any steak, but a beautifully cooked lightly dressed filet mignon. Oh and the sides…the sides! Well let’s just say they were too delicious to describe – I’ll let you find out for yourself.

One Eleven Main is a perfect restaurant for a night out with the whole family. The food is perfection and the atmosphere is even better. I strongly suggest that you give it a try.

Allie Taylor is a Perspective Editor for The Patriot and