Where to munch on breakfast and lunch


Bel Air offers many different local diners and cafes that are perfect for breakfast and lunch. Here are a few options to consider next time you want exceptional service and a great meal.

The Greek Village:

The aroma of freshly cooked breakfast food hits me as I walk into the Greek Village Restaurant. With so many different options ranging from pancakes, to biscuits and gravy, to oatmeal, this small restaurant is the perfect option for breakfast.

I have eaten at the Greek Village Restaurant many times, always leaving with a full stomach and a great experience. This homey diner is perfect for families and includes a lounge area on one side of the restaurant.

While this small restaurant isn’t always the first place on people’s minds, it can easily be recognized by its bright blue awning. Located on Baltimore Pike, the Greek Village is easily accessible with sufficient off-street parking.

Each time I walk into the restaurant, I am immediately greeted by a friendly hostess and shown directly to a table. There is something for everyone on the diner’s extensive menu. My personal favorite menu item is the fresh egg, cheese, and sausage breakfast sandwich served on a biscuit with a side of homefries.

The portion sizes are perfect, and I never leave with an empty stomach. Sometimes, I even bring home leftovers to enjoy later.

While the Greek Village also serves lunch and dinner, I prefer this diner for breakfast. I have found that their lunch and dinner options are good, but offer nothing overly spectacular when compared to their extensive and delicious breakfast options.

With their reasonably priced items, this diner is a must-try for fresh and delicious breakfast.

Sunny Day Cafe:

After riding around the block and searching for parking, I finally find a spot. Upon arriving at my favorite cafe, I can’t help but smile as the owner opens the cafe door and directs me toward a peppy waitress.

Despite the parking challenges posed by the cafe’s location on Main Street, The Sunny Day Cafe is worth a visit. This upbeat cafe offers many options for both breakfast and lunch, and it also provides both indoor and outdoor seating if the weather permits.

The staff is always friendly and the service is consistently quick. This leads to an overall positive environment for guests to enjoy their meals.

Although the Sunny Day Cafe serves breakfast, it is my top pick for lunch. My favorite menu item is their homemade chicken salad served on a ciabatta roll with a side of chips. While this may be my favorite choice, I have never ordered anything from the cafe that I didn’t enjoy.

The food always tastes fresh and many of their recipes are labeled as homemade. Several of their sandwiches come with a side of chips, and I almost always have enough food to take home for later.

This welcoming cafe is perfect for all ages and even furry friends. If guests choose to sit outside and bring their dogs, the waitress will provide a bowl of water for guests’ canine companions.

With a large menu and delicious options, you can’t go wrong with this cafe for lunch. If you’re looking for fresh and homey cooking, the Sunny Day is the perfect place.

Bagel Works:

As I walk into Bagel Works, I immediately notice the busy atmosphere. The restaurant seems packed, and waitresses shuffle by with fresh trays of food. Not only are people seated at tables enjoying their meal, but there are several guests ordering at the counter

Bagel Works is perfect for both breakfast and lunch. While they do sell bagels, their menu and options do not stop there. They also serve various wraps, soups, and sandwiches, as well as muffins and other traditional breakfast options.

This always-busy restaurant is seat yourself and offers plenty of tables. The waitresses are always very friendly and the service is beyond quick.

My favorite item for lunch is turkey served on a plain bagel. Many of their sandwiches and wraps are served with chips, making the perfect lunch. I also enjoy a plain bagel with cream cheese at any time of the day.

This quaint restaurant is located on Churchville road in the Terlyn Square shopping center and is easy to find with a large parking lot. With a reasonable sized menu and prices to match, I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants fast and friendly service.

Taylor Bynion is a Copy Editor for The Patriot and jcpatriot.com.