Hampden lights shine over Maryland during Christmas for 73rd year

Belle Wilson, Staff Writer

Darkness piles over Baltimore, but as Christmas joy starts to settle in, Hampden is brighter than ever before.

Darlene Hosier’s favorite movie is Miracle on 34th Street which is how The Christmas Miracle Lights on 34th Street got its name. The activity has been a staple holiday activity for many Marylanders for years.

It all started when two residents of the 34th Street, Bob, and Darlene Hosier, shared their passion for Christmas decorating, leading to their falling in love in 1947, according to the event website. Since then, the street has evolved into a wonderland of lights and fixtures that resemble the “Honidays” for 73 years-strong.

Every year the festivities start a month before Christmas and go through New Year’s Eve. Many families can choose to drive through the street to get a quick glimpse or park on another nearby street and walk up to 34th, which is recommended in order to get the full experience.

Each house on the block chooses a theme to decorate their home around. Some themes reoccur every year like the Old Bay Christmas tree. This unique theme screams Baltimore in every way.  To some Baltimore residents, this theme resembles home.

The tree is decorated with Old Bay containers entangled through the branches of the tree. To top off the masterpiece, a bright gold, blue crab shines on top in honor of having the title of state crustacean. The blue crab represents a lot of memories because most Marylanders have been eating blue crab since they were born.

The Ravens fan base is shown off by many of the houses as well. Football fans hang flags, display blow-up Ravens players on their lawns and wrap purple lights around their porches. The theme is relatable to many families who root for Baltimore’s home team.

One of the most iconic pieces of the Christmas Miracle on 34th Street is the multicolored hanging lights connecting both sides of the block.

Many families try to capture the whole image of the lights, but it’s a challenge.

As you pass by each house, it’s easy to recognize the hard work and dedication put into making the event memorable. The best time to go is as soon as it gets dark because the crowd will start pouring in around lunchtime. Dress warmly because winter is coming, and it’s coming quickly.

The Christmas Miracle on 34th Street is a great way to be with family and friends to make memories during the holiday season. Take lots of pictures, and bundle up to enjoy the circus of lights.