‘Me Against the World’ focuses on softer side of controversial rapper

Jackson Williams, Staff Writer

Transcendent rapper, Tupac Shakur, released his third studio album with Interscope Records in 1995. The record, titled “Me Against the World,” highlighted the softer side of the rapper while also portraying the life of the young, rich celebrity who died a year after its release.

Considered his most important work of art, “Me Against the World” exhibits the stellar storytelling of Tupac as he portrays his fascinating view of the world as it is and how it used to be.
As always, his songs address the social issues he sees throughout his community through hard-hitting punch lines and memorable lyrics. Songs like “Dear Mama” and “So Many Tears” portray the intimacy of love through struggle.
Both the reflective and deeper messages are present as is the star-studded life of a young and wealthy celebrity. Tracks such as “Temptations” and “Heavy in the Game” examine his lifestyle as one of the most well-known figures of his time.
This album avoided radio play for the most part, solely based off the content and messages of the tracks.
This, however, is when 2Pac is at his very best, showing his vulnerability with the morbidity of his childhood and the internal forces that tried to sway him into the surroundings he tried to avoid.
Best shown in “Lord Knows,” the track shows 2Pac’s escape from his surroundings by certain means that even he “knows I’m wrong.”
Overall, this masterpiece perfectly exhibits the desperation and anger that plagued his upbringing. Sensitive subjects are extensively touched upon including addiction, violence, and poverty. He even forebodes his own death. The overall messages portrayed through every song on this record make it one of the most influential records, not only in hip-hop history but in all of music. 2Pac’s tracks relate to both the ones in similar positions to him and to anyone who is willing to give a listen.
Arguably the best album in his entire discography, “Me Against the World” certainly solidifies Tupac Shakur as one of the most compelling figures of all time.
Note: This album does contain questionable lyrics and content.