Celebrate the season locally with pumpkins

Belle Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

Lohr’s Orchard

This farm, located in Churchville, offers a variety of fun activities for you this fall. On weekends of this fall season, free hayrides are available to the pumpkin patch and apple orchard. You are allowed to pick your own apples and pumpkins this year, which is great because you can choose which pumpkin or apple fits your preference. The best part is the market they have on the farm that makes apple cider donuts. They are the perfect seasonal sweet!

Maize Quest

This farm is full of fun activities including an elaborate corn maze. Families can go to the farm and be busy all day doing fun fall festivities. The pumpkin patch is accessible by a free hayride. The farm’s website is easy to navigate with details such as prices. This is a close second because of the location of New Park, PA. This is precisely 35 minutes from John Carroll, so this may be a bit of a travel for students. If you want a day full of nonstop fun, check out Maize Quest.

Harmen’s Farm Market

Harman’s Farm Market has been offering free weekend wagon rides to the pumpkin patch this fall beginning the first weekend in October. The farm has, however, stopped the straw maze or soybean boxes this fall. The market is well organized with lots of different jellies, jams, and mums. Recipes for the food they provide are also listed on their website. They are also located locally in Churchville, MD, meaning they are easily accessible. Overall Harman’s is full of great workers and a great time!

Wilson’s Farm Market

This market, located locally in Bel Air, MD, has an array of food and flowers. For the fall season, different colors of mums are offered all over the market. Different shapes of apples and pumpkins are offered without having to go to a patch or orchard. This is a disadvantage to some because people may want the option to pick their own. Nonetheless, Wilson’s will get you into the fall spirit!

Jones Family Farm

This farm is located locally in Edgewood, MD. They offer pick-your-own-pumpkins through the fall season. Hayrides are offered on weekends, but their website doesn’t specify the price. If customers don’t take the hayride, they are given the option to walk to the patch by foot. The farm is closed if weather is not permitting, so the farm suggests you call ahead before driving out to the location.