Drive-in theaters offer a safe alternative for Halloween fun

Cameron Gibson, Media & Online Chief

Halloween is this weekend, and for many, it is a time to re-watch their favorite Halloween movies. Traditional movie theaters aren’t all open, and some have very limited capacities. You could stay home and stream your favorite movie, but drive-in movie theaters such as Bengies offer a safe and fun alternative.

Going to a drive-in movie theatre is a unique experience that most people don’t make time for often. This could be because it is farther away than a normal theatre or it seems like it is not worth it, but right now is the perfect time to go to one, especially if you have never been before.
These types of theaters were very popular in the 1950s and have wavered in popularity over time. Due to the recent pandemic, though, they have taken on a new life as a safe alternative to traditional movie theaters.
Drive-in movie theaters are unique because they allow you to stay outside, or in your car, while you watch a movie. This provides the perfect opportunity to go to see a movie with others while staying safe and socially distant at the same time.
Drive-in movie theaters also boast a number of other benefits besides safety. While there, you can choose to sit outside if it’s nice, or you could go in your car and make yourself more comfortable.
Another benefit to these types of theaters is that you will never have to worry about other people. In a normal movie theatre, it is not uncommon to deal with people shuffling by or talking during a movie. Also, at a drive-in movie theatre you usually listen to the movie through your car radio which means you can adjust the sound to exactly how you want it.
October is the perfect time to experience a drive-in movie theatre. The weather at night is perfect for being outside, and it is a great opportunity to go see your favorite Halloween movie while being safe.