Old-school flick ‘Beetlejuice’ remains cool & hilarious

Ella McGuire, Contributing Writer

Old-school Halloween Movie, ‘Beetlejuice,’ is a witty, comical, and entertaining tale that will have you laughing, singing, dancing, and falling in love with all the characters.

Adam and Barbara Maitland die in a car crash one morning. They are ghosts trapped in their house with no escape. Weeks later, a new family moves into their house which makes the Maitlands extremely angry. New homeowner Delia Deetz wants to completely remodel the home while her husband and stepdaughter Lydia and Charles Deetz want to relax in the countryside.
Barbara and Adam try everything to scare them out of their house, but nothing seems to work. The Deetzs are there to stay, and Delia will stop at nothing to keep it that way. Helpless, Adam and Barbara go against their case manager, Juno, and summon Beetlejuice.
Beetlejuice is a character that you will surely never forget. He is funny, rude, and very talkative. At first, they think it’s a great idea, but then they change their minds. Beetlejuice is nothing but a troublemaker, which forces the Maitlands to take matters into their own hands.
Will Barbara and Adam scare the Deetzs away? Or are they there to stay? Watch Beetlejuice this Halloween to find out.
I loved this movie. It was funny, and I will remember it for a long time. The characters are so smart and witty, and Beetlejuice will especially have you laughing!
Although Beetlejuice is an outstanding movie, there are some negative factors that stand in the way. For example, while Beetlejuice is by far the best character, some of his jokes are annoying, which can make you lose interest.
Also, this movie was made in 1988, so the animation parts of it aren’t that great. There are also some slow scenes, and in those scenes, nothing really happens. Despite the negatives, this movie is great for Halloween or any time of the year.
Beetlejuice is one that I would 100% recommend for people who like heartfelt, yet super comical, movies.