TOP 10: Ways to Spend the Fall

Sydney Miller, Staff Writer

1. Watching Halloween movies with friends Nothing is better than getting together with your friends and watching a movie; make sure to bring your masks and stay distanced.

2. Going to a pumpkin patch and picking pumpkins with friends. Picking pumpkins is so much fun, especially with your friends.

3. Going to a haunted or regular corn maze is a great experience. It makes you think a little, but you have fun at the same time!

4. Carving pumpkins! Pumpkin carving is an interesting experience, especially when you do it with family or friends.

5. Game night Having a game night is a great time, especially when you do it with your family. It brings out the competitiveness in people and is a great way to spend a cool fall night.

6. Baking pies. Baking is fun especially when trying to recreate pies; you never know how it will turn out until you actually bake it.

7. Family Movie Night Outside Going outside during a chilly fall night could be an amazing time with everyone rolled up in blankets and watching a movie as a great family experience at home.

8. Going through a haunted drive thru. Legends of the Fog this year has decided, due to the pandemic, to host a haunted drive thru. This is guaranteed to be a good time. Parental discretion advised.

9. Having a bonfire Of course, being safe and having a bonfire is great during a pandemic. You can stay distanced and talk with your friends or family around the fire.

10. Making candy apples Nothing says fall more than making at-home caramel apples.