‘A Christmas Story’ is a seasonal classic

Cameron Gibson, Media & Online Chief

With Christmas Day in a week, the seasonal movies are playing 24/7. There are many classics such as ‘Home Alone,’ ‘The Grinch,’ and ‘The Polar Express.’ There is one must-see Christmas movie on this list: ‘A Christmas Story.’

Even though the movie debuted in 1983, A Christmas Story has only gotten more popular with time. A Christmas Story is a comedy about a boy named Ralphie, played by Peter Billingsley, and follows him through the winter season, eventually leading up to Christmas Day where he hopes to receive his number one wish: a “Red Ryder air rifle.”
A Christmas Story was released to some success, but it really has found its stride on TV where viewers have flocked yearly. The movie has been so successful on TV that it has become an annual tradition for TNT and TBS to air the movie for 24 hours, beginning on Christmas Eve and ending on Christmas Day.
This movie was released in 1983, but more people seem to be watching every year. In 1997, TNT began the 24-hour airing of the movie. Viewership of the movie today remains very strong.
A Christmas Story, for many people, has become a tradition equal to putting up a tree, decorating the house, and enjoying a family dinner. Christmas would not feel the same without it.
One thing that makes the movie so special is that it never gets old. Couple this with a funny and relatable movie that gives off a very seasonal feeling, it is the perfect winter movie. A Christmas Story can be watched during its marathon on TNT or TBS as well as on some streaming platforms.