Christmas tree trends have changed throughout the last several decades

Aeowynn Ayres, Staff Writer

With Christmas time rolling around, many people are purchasing and decorating their trees. These trends throughout the decades may inspire you to switch up your usual decorations to try something new.

1920s- During the 20s, families often bought small trees that had a small number of branches. They decorated the body of the tree with lots of tinsel and classic ornaments. At the bottom of the tree, families decorated with train sets. This look is very elegant and fitting for the Roaring Twenties.

1930s- In the 1930s, families began to use electric Christmas lights on their trees more. Decorating with tinsel and ornaments stayed mostly the same, but the number was greatly reduced. The trees from this decade are really pretty and look very similar to how Christmas trees today look.

1940s- Families in the 40s decorated their trees with colorful lights and ornaments. Tinsel was less frequently used during this time, but it’s still seen in pictures of Christmas trees. Stars and angels on top of the trees also became more prominent during this time period.

1950s- Aluminum Christmas trees were very popular in the late 50s. Trees were decorated with ornaments of the same color with little to no tinsel. Bubble lights and popcorn strings were popular tree decorations during the 50s. These trees looked very colorful and stood out from traditional Christmas trees.

1960s- Christmas tree trends in the 60s were very similar to those of the 50s. Aluminum trees were very popular in the early 60s. Trees in the 60s tended to be smaller and had less branches than trees today. Putting spray-on snow on trees was becoming popular during the 60s. This gave the freshly-cut trees a nice snowy look.

1970s- Paper doilies were trendy ornaments during the 70s. Families were straying away from the minimalist look that had been popular in the past two decades. Now families had more groovy styles with colorful ornaments and tree skirts.

1980s- Christmas trees in the 80s were often crowded with mismatched ornaments and ornaments passed down from grandparents. This gave living rooms a more homey look.

1990s- Christmas decorations became more themed during the 90s. Ornaments had matching colors and textures and were sold in sets. Artificial trees were popular during this time to fit the matching decorations. These trees looked very modern and well put together.

2000s- In the 2000’s, colored trees started becoming more popular. Families started playing music as a part of their decorations, and lights became more popular. Tree skirts became more stylish to match the tree and ornaments, adding a fun little twist.