Galentine’s Day is now the unofficial holiday alternative to Valentine’s Day 

Belle Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

Let’s face it, some of us don’t have a person to romantically spend Valentine’s Day with this year. It can be a little heartbreaking to be reminded of a holiday where you’re supposed to be with the one you love, but instead you’re alone.

Galentine’s Day was first introduced on the show “Parks and Recreation” in an episode of Season 2. Leslie gathers her female friends for brunch and showers them with gifts and personalized 5,000-word essays of why they’re awesome.

Since then the word “Galentine’s” has been commercialized into books, cards, shirts, and activities. Galentine’s Day has been another way for brands to sell items and to market them on social media through posts and hashtags.

Galentine’s Day is a perfect way to recognize and admire the platonic relationships in our lives. Instead of ignoring the holiday completely, Galentine’s Day gives a positive alternative to the single life. You can still buy all the flowers, chocolates, and pink items you want to give to your friends, family, and even yourself.

To take a more sentimental approach to this holiday, you can write cards to your friends about how special they are to you. It’s not too often there’s a holiday that comes around about spreading love, so it’s important to take advantage of that. A handwritten card is a memory that many cherish and keep for a long time. It won’t disappear or get deleted like a text message sent from your iPhone.

A deeper meaning for women who can celebrate this holiday is a sense of their own independence. It’s easy to feel left out on all the fun relationship activities when you’re still looking for the one, or maybe you just want to be independent. Galentine’s Day is a way to normalize that being alone is okay. A lot of times it’s the normal to want to find someone who will make you happy when finding happiness on your own is okay and achievable.

If you aren’t a girl but want a special way to spend your Valentine’s Day, you can put a spin on Galantine’s Day and celebrate with your guy friends. This can mean doing shared activities that your friends enjoy or getting each other personalized gifts.

 If you don’t have someone to bring you flowers or chocolates and all the stereotypical “Hallmark” essentials, then get it for yourself or a friend! Giving is just as rewarding as receiving, and it’s a feeling everyone adores to be thought of and appreciated. In the hectic life that we all live now, a day centered on love and happiness shouldn’t just be passed by.

 Valentine’s Day is all in what you make it. If you’re feeling alone and left out from all the lovey festivities this Valentine’s Day, try celebrating Galentine’s Day or any alternative. Don’t let the single life put you down and look on the bright side of life. Relationships may come and go, but it’s friendships that can get you through and last you a lifetime. They deserve to be loved by you, too!