DreamWorks’ ‘Over the Hedge’ is guaranteed to get you ready for spring

Jackson Williams, Staff Writer

‘Over the Hedge’ follows a group of animals who have woken from their winter hibernation to find a major setback whilst their rodent friend leads them astray to help his own good.

RJ the Raccoon plans a heist of Vincent the hibernating bear’s stash of food. RJ’s plan goes sideways when Vincent wakes up, and all of his food is destroyed upon chasing him. RJ, when caught, promises to replace all of Vincent’s food within one week.
The gang of animals including Stella the Skunk, Ozzy the Opossum and his daughter Heather, Hammy the Squirrel, and Lou and Penny and their three children. They are led by Verne the Turtle and find a giant hedge blocking them from their scouring grounds. Verne ventures across to find that their land has broken ground for new housing developments. He returns and allows no one else to ever cross the hedge again.
RJ, watching the entire event, tries to get the group to steal food from the humans, citing their food is better than anything else. He passes this off as helping them, but he really is planning to steal all of their gatherings to repay Vincent.
Gladys Sharpe, an important resident in the area, rigs her yards with every trap in the making, even the illegal De-Pelter Turbo after the first attempted food raid.
RJ considers telling Verne the truth until the mother-load of goodies arrives for Gladys’ neighborhood party. The animals plan out their final heist and carry out their individual plans. They get away with a wagon full of food, to which RJ makes away with, leaving the others captured by Dwayne, the animal control man.
RJ’s guilt begins to set in as he uses the wagon to wreck Dwayne’s truck, freeing the family. Things go south for RJ when Vincent turns up to claim his restitution. RJ begs the animals for help to their dismay but are convinced to do so by Verne. They make their great escape which includes RJ’s giving Hammy an energy drink to move with super-speed
The police arrive and arrest Gladys and Dwayne for the illegal trap. Park rangers apprehend Vincent. Verne tells RJ that they would’ve helped him had he told the truth. RJ is then accepted into the family. The gang wonders how they are to scrounge for their food when Hammy, still souped up on his energy drink, reveals a log full of acorns to last all of them for the entire year.
Over the Hedge’s star-studded cast that includes Bruce Willis, Avril Lavigne, and Steve Carell makes for decent box office success.
For an entertaining spring movie, this movie is made for all.